Everything you've always wanted to know about Skeet Shooting...
            ...but were afraid (or didn't know) to ask!

It has been said that there are no strangers at a Skeet range, only friends you haven't met yet! In spite of Skeet's welcoming atmosphere, far too often new shooters are uncertain and just a little intimidated during their first visit to a gun club. The purpose of my one-on-one instruction is two-fold; a) to give the new shooter a firm foundation in the proper fundamentals of shooting clay targets, and b) to help the new shooter overcome the uncertainty of being a "newbie" at a gun club.

During one-on-one sessions, I emphasize the basic mechanics of shooting shotguns in general and shooting Skeet in particular. Focus is on safe gun handling and the proper fundamentals of stance and gun mount, swing, lead and follow through. Additionally, participants will learn what guns, ammunition, and chokes are appropriate for Skeet and why. Participants will even learn what it means when another shooter says, "I can't believe I gave up a straight when I came out of the gun on my second low eight!"

After the first session, new shooters will probably not be champion Skeet shooters, but they will know what Skeet is and how to shoot a "round" of Skeet. Most importantly, they'll understand the fundementals behind the mechanics of breaking clay targets. This will give them a solid foundation from which they can continue to practice (with our without my assistance) to improve their scores on the Skeet field or to become absolute terrors in the dove fields!

Sessions are held during off-hours (usually 11:00am - 1:00pm Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday) at Coon Bottom Gun Club to minimize distractions and assure the shooter's privacy and comfort. It is recommended that shooters provide their own gun, but loaner guns are available at no additional charge. Shooters will also need 3 boxes of ammunition** as well as eye and ear protection.

Cost for individual instruction is $50* (2 hour session). A single fee applies for husband/wife or parent/child instruction. Small group clinics can be organized upon request.

If you'd like more information or to schedule individual instruction please contact me via email at: Jim@SkeetShooting101.com, or by phone at (850) 570-1855.

      *- does not include cost of targets paid directly to Gun Club. ($8 per round, 3 rounds per session)
     **- suitable ammunition will be of the appropriate gauge, with shot size no
            larger than #7½ and no smaller than #9. Inexpensive ammunition labeled
            as "Game Loads" can be purchased in most department or sporting goods stores.
            if you are unsure of which ammunition is appropriate, please contact me and I
            will provide shells for the first session.

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